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Published on September 24, 2013

ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bars

The ZV8 Energy Bar from ZipVit is not only full of goodness, in a range of good flavours, but crucially we feel, moisture. Whilst so many bars have that sucking-on-sand dry-mouth feel to them, the ZV8 Energy Bar requires little or no liquid to be taken with it – perfect for long hot runs when hydration is key and water at a premium.

Taste is always a matter of personal preference but with a range of five – chocolate coated strawberry, yoghurt peach apricot, plus uncoated chocolate, orange and banana varieties – there is something here for most palates. The flavours are rich but not overpowering with something of a homemade taste that balances sharper tangs with sweeter fruits, so there’s little danger of sugar-taste overload on the run. And the juiciness kept us away from the CamelBak and, if anything, helped rather than hindered the run hydration.

Crucially the ZV8 Energy Bars are also packed with goodness, with easily digested carbohydrate energy with the addition of nine supplementary vitamins (including Bs 1, 2 and 3, plus C and E). Levels vary between varieties, but taking the uncoated orange as a fairly representative example it delivers 244kcal, 4,7g of protein, 34.9g of carbs (21.3g sugar, 7.2g of fat of which 0.7g is saturated) per 65g bar. It’s a combination that stacks up well and has so far powered us through some challenging runs.

ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bars are widely available on the high street and from running shops at around £1.20 per bar or £25.00 for boxes of 20. Further details and online purchase at

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