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Published on September 24, 2013

ZipVit ZV0

RunningMonkey has always rated the ZipVit range well – their ZV8 Energy Bars have powered many of our longer runs and the same is now true of their electrolyte drink the ZipVit ZV0. Developed originally for the Cervelo cycling Test Team riders, the ZipVit ZV0 combines seven key electrolytes (or ‘salts’) to replace those lost through sweat during intense exercise or under hot conditions. Unusually for an electrolyte solution the ZV) also adds L- Glutamine, (an amino acid whose dietary sources include both beef and dairy products), which research suggests can both boost the immune system and fight fatigue.

These effervescent, tablets dissolved in 500-750ml of plain water are low calorie (just over 12kcal per serving) and formulated as low-carbohydrate (0.28g) which, arguably, helps burn body fat more efficiently during exercise. Outside of regulated test conditions it would be impossible for us to swear to any fat-burning or even immunity building success, but as far as hydration goes we find them hard to fault. Free from artificial colours and flavours, the original Watermelon option tasted refreshing, whilst the really excellent cherry flavour does an even better job of masking the slight salty taste which is always unavoidable with hydration/rehydration products. In RunningMonkey’s opinion the better a product like this tastes, the more likely you are to use it on the run – dehydrate at your peril…

The ZV0 is an excellent option for ‘salt’ replacement and if you’re looking for the benefits claimed by L- Glutamine then all the better. 20 individually foil-wrapped tabs (better than tubes for shelf-life) cost £9.99, making for a 50p per 500-750ml drink. Further information and online sales at zipvitsport.co.uk

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