Extras Y-Fumble

Published on September 27, 2013


The Y-Fumble is a simple, elasticated pocket that slips over the upper or lower arm and easily accommodates three or four gels for extra energy on the run or holds keys, cash, mobile phones or MP3 players – although the latter isn’t easily operated in place (but with safety in mind, possibly not a bad thing…)

There are no fastenings to attach the Y-Fumble, so nothing to chafe or rub and everything is held in place by the integrated, elasticated flap so no zips or Velcro tabs need tackling when you need to get anything out. Getting things back in is another matter – it’s simple enough to load the Y-Fumble and then put it on, but once in place putting anything away (one handed) can be tricky. With this in mind RunningMonkey found the Y-Fumble best suited as a sort of one-way delivery system, ideal for things you need to take out and not replace – gels, for example, though there’s still the issue of what to do with the wrapper.

As the material isn’t waterproof, stashing phones and MP3s is really only recommended when you can be sure of the weather on your run, but that said we’ve found plenty of use for the Y-Fumble and at £5.99 it isn’t going to break the bank even if you only use it occasionally. Available in three sizes and five colour options – black, pink, blue, yellow (best for visibility) and the truly horrible camouflage with pink ‘blobs’ – further details at y-fumble.com

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