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Published on September 28, 2013

Vendante Pop Bands

RunningMonkey loves simple solutions – because running doesn’t have to be complicated (honestly). Vendante Pop Bands are simple reflective strips that can be ‘snapped’ onto arms or legs for instant reflective safety. The bands are made of highly reflective 3M Scotchlite, which are flexed across their width to straighten then tapped against the arm/leg to wrap them firmly in place. Without the need for Velcro, or similar fastening, the bands stay perfectly in place and, despite their rigidity once ‘snapped’, are perfectly comfortable.

Other, cheaper, ‘snap-style’ bands are available, but RunningMonkey definitely favours the Vendante Pop Bands not least because less expensive versions have had a tendency to loose their snap over time (although the same can be said of RunningMonkey at times…)

Available in a range of colours – blue, green, orange, pink, white and yellow – the latter two provide the greatest margin of safety, reflecting up to 450meters, although even the other four will provide 130meter reflection. The bands, sold in sets of two (for around the £12 mark online) and come in two sizes: medium at 30cm and large at 38cm. Simple.

Vendante Pop Bands are widely available online.

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