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Published on September 18, 2013

The Stick

Ranging in price from £27.99 to £47.99, depending on model, The Stick may look like an expensive recovery option – but compared to the price of a single physio visit (which judicious use of The Stick may help avoid) then things look up.

Invented in 1991 in America, The Stick is, in essence, just what the name suggest: a long stick with handles at either end and a series of free-rotating spindles between. Looking somewhat like vertebrae, these spindles go to work on aching muscles for a variety of massage sessions. The Stick can work both trigger points and provide deeper tissue massage and depending on the length purchased – they range from 17 to 30inch – is appropriate for legs, arms and even neck and back. The real benefits RunningMonkey found was a post-run session that shifted knots and released tight calf muscles quickly and efficiently.

The idea that The Stick is no more than a gimmick isn’t helped by the US website describing it as ‘The toothbrush for muscles’, a ridiculous simile that doesn’t stand up to even the slightest of inspection. The UK site doesn’t get much better with ‘The massage tool for happy muscles’, but go beyond the marketing hyperbole (and the initial outlay of cash) and The Stick can prove a long-term recovery friend.

There are plenty of details online as to the best ways to use The Stick to maximum affect, with YouTube, as is often the case, proving a particularly rich mine of information. For further details of The Stick and online ordering see


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