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Published on September 24, 2013


It would seem common sense that because breathing relies of muscles (sorry if that comes as a surprise) then those muscles can be trained and honed in exactly the same way as any other muscle. The POWERbreathe (powerbreathe.com) and its many imitators have long been at the forefront of breath-training, but now there’s a true alternative in the unusual shape of the RespiBelt.

Unlike the POWERbreathe et al, which can only be used between training runs, RespiBelt is specifically designed to be used on the road/trail or on CV equipment in the gym. Developed by Progressive Sports Technologies, based at the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University, the RespiBelt is to all intense and purpose an elasticated belt that fits below the pectorals muscles and can be adjusted with Velcro webbing to increase or decrease the resistance on breathing. Small increments in resistance across a series of training runs slowly improves the muscles and, thus, in time increases performance. There, at least, is the theory.

In terms of use, RunningMonkey found things simple enough: line up the tabs with the marks on the Velcro webbing to increase or decrease the level of workout and slip the belt on; then put on your shoes and run. Increasing the load only very gradually over several weeks – as is recommended – meant that it never felt too constrictive or intrusive and at the end of our first month we felt a distinct (though probably largely un-provable) improvement. There does seem to be a wealth of (mostly) credible science behind the RespiBelt with lots to be found and pored over at respibelt.com – it’s reported that Mo Farah made good use of one pre-London Olympics.

The RespiBelt is available in five sizes – XS to XL – and retails at £59.99, about double the price of an entry level POWERbreathe but a snip compared to the £450 price tag of the POWERbreathe Lung Trainer Kinetic K5

Full details and online purchase at respibelt.com or take a look at their intro video below…



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