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Published on September 25, 2013

Nike Dri-Fit Knee Highs

Adding compression to either active training or to the recovery process has innumerable benefits with growing evidence that injury risk can be decreased and recuperation time dramatically reduced. The downside is that most compression wear boarders on the extortionate – as good as they are something like the Skins A200 tights will set you back upwards of £60. At a mere £12.00 the Nike Dri-Fit Knee High socks may not be beautiful (and as high as they are, won’t benefit glutes and quads) but add much needed stability through the calf and cradle the foot effectively.

Anatomically designed for left/right foot they are missing the arch support of compression socks like those made by Compressport (£35.00) provide a small degree of lateral squeeze along the length of the outer plantar to add to the mix.

On test RunningMonkey found these not to be the most comfortable running socks, they rubbed slightly around the toes and the upper cuff was something we could never get comfortable with. But post-exercise we found they squeeze sufficient to form part of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) protocol that can prove incredibly useful after tougher training runs. A bargain price – and to an extent you get what you pay for – but the Nike Dri-Fit Knee Highs deserve your consideration.

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