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Published on September 18, 2013

Kenkoh Classic Health Sandal

Post-run recovery – and perhaps pamper – is an all-important part of the training regime, neglect it and performance invariably suffers. With a slightly cynical intake of breath RunningMonkey took a look at the rather weird looking Kenkoh Classic Health Sandal…

And why cynical? Well beyond the aesthetic – the Kenkoh’s are odd to say the least – the big selling point for these Japanese imports is that they claim to stimulate the many reflexology points on the sole of the foot and, having always regarded reflexology as something of a, shall we say ‘fringe’ science, we were going to take some convincing.

The Kenkoh Classic Health Sandal ‘works’ (depending on your definition/belief-system) through stimulation provided along the length of the under-foot by 1000-plus tiny rubbery nodules that gently massage the foot with each step. Even disregarding any reflexology claims, what they definitely deliver is an exceptionally pleasant and wholly unexpected massaging of tired feet. The blood-flow promoted by the massaging effect – which felt a little like walking on a tiny bed of (rubber) nails – certainly helps speed recovery and anyone with heel bruises or perhaps mild plantar fasciitis.

If you buy into reflexology no doubt you’ll reap a whole raft of extra benefits from the Kenkoh Classic Health Sandal, but even if you don’t as a post-run recovery shoe these are exceptional at revitalising aching feet and deserve a place on your shoe rack.

The Kenkoh Classic Health Sandal retails at £59.99, more information and online purchase at

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