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Published on September 27, 2013

Compressport F-Like Full Leg

Compression kit, aside from shoes and perhaps GPS, is likely to be one of the largest outlays considered for running. But despite the often eye-watering prices, good compression wear can last years and help gently cradle aching muscles and aid and speed recovery. The Compressport F-Like Full Leg offers something a little different – a sort of topless compression tight (a stocking in fact) that delivers graduated compression through the calf, quads, hams without hampering (!) the groin, an issue, especially for me, with some traditional kit.

The graduation increases venous return, the return flow of blood back to the heart, which helps to flush lactic acid (whether this is a true benefit is still often fiercely debated) and the tight – very tight – fit helps to stabilise the legs and reduce muscle oscillation, which unchecked can add to fatigue and, over long runs, cause injury.

Whilst we found these comfortable enough on the run – they stayed up when we had feared they would slip down for a less than attractive look – we thought they really came into heir own for recovery. Used as part of the Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (RICE) regime the Compressport F-Like Full Leg worked exceptionally well, not least because there was nothing to add unnecessary squeeze to the stomach – which can be bloated post-exercise.

Compressport are still one of the newer kids on the block and their F-Like Full Leg well worth considering. We remain slightly unconvinced by the slightly gothic/feminine detailing – but then there’s no room for fashion on an ultra right? Right?

Compressport F-Like Full Leg retail at £70, details on

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