Apparel Columbia Total Zero T-Shirt

Published on September 25, 2013

Columbia Total Zero T-Shirt

With more than 70 year’s of experience in producing sportswear and outdoor apparel, Columbia’s latest range, including the Columbia Total Zero T-Shirt on test here, features ‘Omni-Freeze ZERO’ technology, a system of tiny blue rings in the fabric itself, which react with sweat to effectively lower the runner’s temperature.

The Women’s Total Zero Short Sleeve V-Neck, which RuningMonkey was testing, is available in black, white, light blue and lilac (the latter two, in more poetic ‘marketing lingo, ‘Riptide’ and ‘Velvet Morning’). The styling is subdued, though far from unattractive if fashion’s your thing on the run, with relatively little branding aside from a discreet Columbia logo on the sleeve. In order to benefit from the cooling mechanism the fit is necessarily tight, but neither constrictive nor uncomfortable. Far from it…

As far as the actual ‘Omni-Freeze ZERO’ effect goes, we found the Columbia Total Zero T-Shirt did provide a distinct sense of cooling and not the artificial trick effect delivered by menthol infused garments, a real sense of cooling. Add to this the fact that it wicked sweat well away from the skin, which naturally adds to the cooling effect via wind and evaporation, and the results really impressed.

The men’s version of the Columbia Total Zero comes in black, white, ‘wham’ (a slightly sickly, but hi-viz yellow/green) and ‘hyper blue’, for which you should read, erm… blue. Both men’s and women’s Columbia Total Zero retails at £35 and are available in sizes XS-XL. For more information see

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