Recovery Biofreeze Gel

Published on September 25, 2013

Biofreeze Gel

In general terms if you can treat a minor injury (strains, pulled muscles, general running aches) quickly it can be prevented from turning into a major injury that will hamper training or end a race. Cooling an injury is often the first step, but how often is an ice-pack available up a mountain, in a field or at the end of a good (gone bad) beach run? Biofreeze Gel could provide at least a partial answer to cooling injuries on the run.

Alcohol-based Biofreeze Gel uses menthol as it’s active ingredient, which works, through a process know as ’gating’, by stimulating sensory receptors in the skin, partially blocking other (pain-related) receptors. In short it tricks the brain into thinking there’s nothing to worry about. Ideally cooling gels should also include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) to work really effectively – especially longer term – and Biofreeze Gel falls down in this respect. It’s also important to remember that whilst the brain might be being tricked there is still a very real injury to consider. Masking symptoms and trying to brave out a run can make things worse; but as a stop-gap the likes of Biofreeze Gel certainly has their place.

Available in 16 and 32oz sizes, the more pocket- and backpack-friendly 4oz size is, we found, perfect for keeping to hand and applying in a (semi) emergency. The 4oz (118ml) gel retails at around the £9.99 mark on the high street, but is available for £7.45 online via although shipping costs of £3.95 apply for orders up to £36 making this best as a bulk buy option.

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