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Published on September 24, 2013

Beet It Sport Shots

Too bad if you don’t like beetroot because over the last couple of years it’s become one of the most talked about ‘super-foods’ available. It certainly makes sense that beetroot might be good for you to add to your sporting diet; it’s abundantly rich in dietary nitrates which bring with them strong evidence for reducing blood pressure – this, in turn it’s now often argued, may help improve exercise efficiency by increasing oxygen uptake. If you’re up for it then taking Beet It Sport Shots – little 70ml bottles of extract with a dash of lemon juice to help take the edge off – are one way of reaping the (potential) rewards.

Let’s get taste out of the way first: Beet It Sport Shots taste like beetroot, which, in our opinion, means it tastes a lot like mud (or earth if we were feeling generous, which after testing this we are not…) It’s not good. Really.

Okay, so pinch your nose, take your medicine and what can you expect in terms of improving performance? ‘Evidence’ for benefits comes from somewhat low-key studies (very small test groups, no double-blind testing, exceptionally short test period and no study of long-term benefit) and despite sticking with this for a month it’s hard for us to say anything too conclusive. We felt just fine, but we felt pretty fine before we started testing – perhaps we would have felt worse if we hadn’t been taking Beet It? Hard to say,  but ff you buy into the ‘super-food’ idea, then giving Beet It a go will undoubtedly boost your dietary nitrates (and probably lower your blood pressure), but so too would making sure that your daily intake includes celery, cress, rocket and a host of other green leafy vegetables.

RunningMonkey is far from convinced this is something we would take to on a regular basis, it may or may not be exceeding good for you, but getting paste the taste when it’s akin to having just fallen flat on your face in a field (with an eagerly open mouth) is just too tough a job. Also be warned: taking Beet It can – and in our tests did – turn urine pink. Not a sentence we ever thought we’d find ourselves writing.

Beet It Sport Shots cost £27 for 15, more details and online purchase at


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